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Zeppelin Knot


Thought for the Day by Chuck Palahniuk


Snapdraw free for a limited time

Is this a Snagit killer? Give SnapDraw a whirl. I'm interested in seeing if it's a quick replacement for when I don't need the mighty power of Snagit.

Tools for the working writer – journalism

Came across this site today and thought it was a good enough starting point for tools. I’ll be writing up some more soon.

Create a context menu to drop a shortcut to a file into another folder

Inspired by the code here, I whipped up a quick console app to take the path to a file (an EXE in my case) and create a Windows shortcut to that file in the destination directory (argument 2). Here’s the source and EXE.

I implemented it as a custom context menu in Windows as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=”\”C:\\Portable\\NetUtils\\SendLnkFromEXE.exe\” \”%1\” \”C:\\dropbox\\my dropbox\\docs\\settings\\Launchbar\\Programs\”"

@=”\”C:\\Portable\\NetUtils\\SendLnkFromEXE.exe\” \”%1\” \”C:\\dropbox\\my dropbox\\docs\\settings\\Launchbar\\Programs\”"

7Stacks simulates jumplists for fast access to icons

“7stacks is an easy to use, free app that lets Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) users have “stacks” of icons in their Taskbar (in 7) or QuickLaunch Toolbar (in Vista and XP)”alastria.com

Best freeware (or in other cases, best anyware)

See http://bit.ly/15CkBe
I use *most* of these; lately have been preferring Microsoft Security Essentials..

Dropbox Plugin for Context Menu

Found this gem – adds “copy to public” and “move to public” context menu items that push stuff directly to your Dropbox.

Antivirus – Free – Why buy anything?

See these Antivirus programs; I prefer Avira for my Dev laptop, but run the Microsoft Security Essentials on my other PC’s. Note that if you use Dropbox, you may have to exclude the Cache folders from Security Essentials to ward off false positives. Also pick up Super Anti-Spyware and Malwarebytes!